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Historic Deaths

From The Excelsior Springs Journal, August 13, 1906:

City's Founder Passes Away at 3 o'clock
Rev. Dr. Flack who was Recently Paralyzed in Indiana goes to His Reward

Dr. Flack is dead -- no, not dead but passed on before to the land of perpetual sunshine and endless day.

The end came peacefully and the great hearted, humanity loving man and grand christian minister passed over the Great Divide where all the good, noble and true find peace and joy and gladness forever.

Dr. J.V.B. Flack was born in Holmes county, Ohio, May 12, 1840. His father's name was John V. Flack, and lived to a ripe old age. His mother's maiden name was Mary Maddox and died in early life, leaving the son to be cared for by an uncle and aunt. J.V.B. Flack was educated at Holmes university and at the age of twenty one began his life work -- that of preaching the gospel. He was very successful and soon took front rank as a pulpit orator and revivalist. He traveled and labored extensively, and over 10,000 persons were converted under his ministrations. In 1884 he was made a Doctor of Divinity by Rutherford college, North Carolina.

He has been the editor of a religious paper for many years and at the time of his death was editor of the Christian Union Witness Herald of this city. He was presiding officer of the Christian Union general council; was reelected secretary of that body at its recent session at Sells chapel, Indiana.

He has devoted the many years of his life to religious work. He has preached in all parts of the country where the Christian Union work has been established.

He was secretary of the Missouri Christian Union annual council for twenty five years in succession and was at the time of his death president of that body.

Dr. Flack and Miss Marietta Smith were united in marriage July 28, 1867 in Galesburg, Illinois. Seven children have been born to the union, five boys and two girls.

Mrs. Flack and four children, William D. Flack, Virgil H. Flack, Van B. Flack and Miss Ethel Flack survive him and were at his bedside when he passed away.

Dr. Flack came to Missouri in 1870 and located in Haynesville, near where the town of Holt now stands.

He engaged in business there and continued actively in the ministry at the same time, preaching at a number of places in this and adjoining counties.

He finally located at Missouri City and in connection with his mercantile business kept up his various preaching appointments.

While on his way to one of these appointments -- at Salem two miles north of here, he heard of the discovery of the Siloam spring and he at once became interested in the place and proceeded to aid in its development. He had the water analyzed and the original town surveyed. He located in Excelsior Springs in 1881 -- the year following the discovery of the medicinal virtue of the water.

No man in this city has done more for it than Dr. Flack and none will be more sincerely missed, now that his active life has terminated.

Dr. Flack has been one of the best friends this city ever had and the entire population will mourn his demise and deeply sympathize with his family in this sad hour.

As a christian gentleman and minister he has been an insistent and persistent worker. He has never been an idler. With pen and voice and hands he has toiled and endeavored to leave the world better. His life has been replete with good deeds and there are many thousands of acquaintances in nearly every state in the union who will be grieved to learn of his death.

While attending the late general council of the Christian Union in Indiana he was stricken with paralysis on the evening of June 1. For about ten days he lingered and was then brought home. For a time it seemed that he might recover but it appeared doubtful from the first.

The funeral will be held tomorrow and the burial will take place at Salem cemetery.