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Historic Deaths

Mrs. Elizabeth Wyman, widow of the late A.W. Wyman, who was owner of the land on which the principal parts of the city of Excelsior stands at the time the wonderful mineral properties in the waters were discovered, died at her home Tuesday after a long illness. She leaves a large family of children, most of them grown. Published January 17, 1896 (click here for additional Wyman family info)

Oren T. Wyman was a young man who practiced law for a few years as a partner of Elmer L. Riley. He was the only son of his parents and lived with them. He only practiced a few years, when he suddenly died November 7, 1912. I attended the funeral. I remember the helpless old people, who had lost their son, the center of the support in their helplessness. His mother kept repeating, "He was such a good boy." What a comment on real living were the words in which she expressed her sadness, and the fact that he was a good boy must have helped her bear her loss. And he was a good boy, merging into promising manhood. He was a good citizen of whom Excelsior Springs might be proud, and whose early death was a severe loss to the county. Published in the Clay County Bar, 1890-1940. (click here for additional Wyman family info)