Excelsior Springs Mineral Water Springs and Wells

508 St. Louis Avenue
This well sold water, but little information is otherwise available.

Blue Rock Lithia Well
Located in the Armour Place Addition, this well's calcium water was piped to the White Sulpher Pavilion on Isley Boulevard.

Bottling Works
These works processed many of the area water, and was located on South Kansas City Avenue.

Crystal Lithium Spring & Pavilion
On the corner of Saratoga and Benton, this pavilion served calcium water.

Elms Park Sulpho-Saline Pavilion
This pavilion was in the vicinity of the Mill Inn Restaurant on St. Louis Avenue.

Empire Twin Wells
Providing mild soda waters, these wells were south of the Elms Resort, along the banks of Fishing River.

Excelsior Lithia Well
This was located at 302 West Excelsior Street.

Excelsior Salt Saline Well
One of two wells located in a building on the current Community Center parking lot, in the 200 block of South Thompson Avenue.

Excelsior Spring
Crystals made from this soda water was sold at 219 East Broadway.

Excelsior Springs Lithia Spring
Serving calcium water, its name was later changed to Montezuma Lithia Spring.

Fowler's Magniferro Spring
This spring produced iron manganese water, and was found on North Marietta Street.

Grant Well
It was located at the east end of Broadway Avenue.

Harr's Pavilion
206 West Broadway Avenue.

Hiawatha Well
This well served soda water at 401 East Excelsior Street.

Imperial Lithia Well
406-408 Isley Boulevard.

Jones Soda Well
421 East Excelsior Street.

Link Soda Pavilion
j200 East Excelsior Street.

Lithia #1 Well
This well was located at 245 East Broadway.

Lithiated Soda Well
This calcium water well was also known as the Soda Saline Well, and was found at 302 West Excelsior Street.

Lithium Magnesium Spring
334 Foley Street.

Maurer's Salt Well
It was located on the corner of the swimming pool at the Lake Maurer complex.

McCleary's Salt Well
These waters were transformed into crystals and sold.

Mee Lithia
204 East Excelsior Street.

Natrona Soda Spring
402 East Excelsior Street.

Park Spring & Well
Located in the Fishing River Linear Park, this well provides most of the lithia (calcium) water dispensed at the Hall of Waters Water Bar.

Peerless Water Company
At 203 East Excelsior Street, its pavilion sold soda water.

Regent Spring
An iron manganese spring just south of the Elms Resort.

Relief Spring
This spring, on North Marietta Street, produced lithia water.

Salax Well
In a shaft adjacent to the Relief Spring on North Marietta Street.

Salt Sea
The second well located in a building on the current Community Center parking lot, in the 200 block of South Thompson Avenue.

Salt-Sea Group
South Thompson Avenue

Salt-Sulphur Booth
This was one pavilion for a deep well which was located on North Main Street.

Salt Sulphur Spring & Well
The water from this deep well, at the end of North Main Street, was pumped into the Hall of Waters.

Saratoga Spring
This spring produced lithia water. Discovered in the corner of an apartment building, its water was sold through a pavilion nearby, on East Broadway Avenue.

Seltzer Salt-Soda
At 334 Foley, this well produced soda water.

Siloam Spring
This spring is actually located under the north steps of the Hall of Waters, and produces iron manganese water.

Soda-Carbonic Spring
In the 400 block of East Broadway Avenue.

Soterian Well
Lithia waters from this well were later bottled and sold as ginger ale.

Sulpho-Saline Well & Pavilion
This deep well was found at the end of North Main Street, and its waters were sold from its pavilion in what is now the north plaza area of the Hall of Waters.

Sulpho-Salt Pavilion
200 East Excelsior Street.

Sulphur Salt-Soda Spring
It was located just north of the Relief Spring.

Sunnyside (Park Spring)
This was in the park on North Kansas City Avenue.

Superior Springs Wells & Pagoda
The iron-manganese water from these wells were available at the pagoda, which still stands just south of Roosevelt Avenue, in the Fishing River Linear Park.

Vichy Group
This spring provided iodide soda water, and could be found on East Excelsior Street, near Elizabeth Street.

White Sulphur Spring
These waters were pumped into the Hall of Waters for its swimming pool. The well is still located behind the Church of Christ on Isley Boulevard.

Willow Park Lithia
This spring and its small pavilion were located a 247 East Broadway Avenue.

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