Althought the interior has been gutted, first by fire on the main floor, throughout portions of the spa and upper floors, then by attempts at clean-up and restoration, much of the exterior historic fabric remains to be seen, at least for the present.

The City Council of Excelsior Springs are looking at demolition of the building for lack of a developer. In the past, members of the Historic Preservation Comission had hoped that the building could be restored as a mixed-use facility. Perhaps a nice restaurant and retail shops on the main floor, office space on an upper floor and high rent apartments on the top floors. Thoughts of renovating the basement for indoor parking, which would open directly to the parking lot behind the building, was seen as workable.

Local writer Edna Swafford once penned her thoughts on the fate of the old hotel ... will it be like the Pheonix and rise from its ashes? Only time will tell.

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