S.W. Henderson was brought to Excelsior Springs in 1909 by the late Dr. W.A. Bell, at that time owner of the utilities and golf properties. Henderson was the operating head of the Durango, Colorado street, railways and utilities when he met Bell. He specialized in hydraulic engineering. Henderson came here to study problems in the water supply and reported to Bell in New York City. Henderson expanded the system of electric service to Lawson. The extension paid and lines were run to other towns of this locality. The North Missouri Power Company was organized in 1922, conducted by Henderson, and resulted in serving 20 counties and over 60 towns with modern utilities and in 1924 the company was absorbed by the Missouri Power and Light Company, a $13,000 corporation of which Major Bell was one of the largest stockholders and on which Henderson was placed as a member of the board of directors. The Missouri corporation was affiliated with the Studebaker utilities corporation of Illinois. Henderson, District Superintendent at the Mo. P&L Co., against protest of the board of directors of which he was a member, resigned his duties in March 1927. Henderson's plan was to study industrial development throughout the southland.

Samuel Henderson had the home at 526 Isley Blvd. built for his family, circa 1910 to 1913. He lived there with his wife, Edith, their daughter, Dorothy, and three sons, John I., Samuel W., and Robert B.