The best feature of Excelsior Springs
has always been the people ...

Ordinary people made possible extraordinary things in the founding of Excelsior Springs. People like D.C. Cravens, who lived in the valley before the town was put on a map. "Dee" helped to thresh the last crop of wheat that was raised on the ground where the main portion of the town now stands.The wheat field at the time included the bottom lands lying west from Saratoga Avenue to the Baptist Chapel.

When honor was given to "Old Siloam" on September 16, 1917, the Mayor Rowell addressed more than 1,000 people in attendance. He reminded them that in the beginning, four forked poles were driven in the bank of Fishing River on which a covering was laid of brush -- a contrast from the beautiful pavilion then under headway (Siloam Gardens). He spoke for 45 minutes and also paid tribute to Rev. Dr. Flack. Of those who pioneered the spring only two remained alive -- Robert "Uncle Bob" Caldwell and E.S. McMurray -- both in attendance. Other men credited that "fought the fight of the faithful" in boosting Excelsior Springs -- Jim Snapp, Dick Cravens, Newell Bryan, Jim Sloan, W.P. Layton besides Dr. Flack, Capt. J.L. Farris, Col. J.C. Isley, J.S. Prather, John Dunn, Eph. Smith, Bill Crockett, and Jim Cones.

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