Excelsior Springs First Business Ventures

The first business venture in what would become Excelsior Springs downtown business district was located under an old elm tree, in the year 1880, to serve the people who came to the springs. Rube Allen opened a lemonade and fruit stand during the summer of that year. — The Daily Journal, August 27, 1914

The first building was erected by Jim Pearson of Liberty, Mo., and it was used as a restaurant. — Clay County Missouri Centennial by DAR, 1922

Wyman and Wert were the projectors of the first hotel, opening March 1, 1881. The site was selected as near the spring as possible. It was built, 30'x70', full two stories and attic -- 25 rooms in all, and was called the Excelsior Hotel.

Tom Frame of Liberty visited town yesterday -- now owner of the Liberty Advance. Tom Frame conducted a newspaper in Excelsior Springs in 1881. It was The Advocate, the first newspaper printed in the city. Bill Hyder, however, was publishing "Glad Tidings" at his home north of town. Mr. Frame continued his paper during summer and early fall of 1881, when D.O. McCray entered the field, buying out Frame. — Daily Call, December 10, 1917